Officers & Delegates

Columbia County Democratic Central Committee Officers

Greg Pettit, Chair -

Weston Drumheller, V-Chair -

Chip Bubl, Treasurer -

Debra Braun, Secretary -


Columbia County Delegates at State Central Committee

Greg Pettit, Delegate  -

Donna Nyberg, Delegate  -

Bill Blank, Delegate  -

Nathan Mapes, Alternate  -

Lynne Pettit, Alternate  -

Weston Drumheller, Alternate -


County Delegates to the First Congressional District

Aaron Martin, Delegate  -

Derrick Duehren, Delegate  -

Lane Koniak, Delegate  -

Nathan Mapes, Alternate  -

Greg Pettit, Alternate  -

Lynne Pettit, Alternate -