Oregon Democratic Platform 2012


We, the members of the Oregon Democratic Party, seek a better future for the present generation

and for generations to come. This platform is a guide to the principles and positions by which we

intend to fulfill that commitment. We recognize our rights and responsibilities as citizens of our

state, our nation, and the entire global community. We hold that every person is guaranteed the

rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We express our confidence that every one of us

can maintain these rights while sustaining the interdependent web of life on this planet.

As Oregon Democrats, we assert that as citizens of our state and our country, we are the

government and promise to uphold the protections granted to us by our state and national

constitutions. We stand firmly opposed to any attempt to compromise those rights and liberties in

the name of governmental convenience or security. Where those rights and liberties are not fully

realized, we pledge to help everyone within our borders to regain them. We invite all Americans

to join with us to re-establish our two-century old democracy as a beacon of virtue admired

throughout world.

1) Oregon Democrats: Our Responsibilities and Rights as Individuals and Family Members

As Oregon Democrats, we affirm the inalienable right of every individual to be treated with

dignity and respect. We believe that Oregonians must be able to achieve security for themselves

and their families. We reaffirm an individual’s right to reproductive freedom and end-of-life

choice. Oregonians in all parts of our state should have the ability to obtain the basic necessities

of life - food, shelter, health care and family wage jobs. We believe the most vulnerable in our

society should receive adequate protection from neglect and abuse, especially children and the

medically fragile elderly. We believe that the social safety net must be strengthened and

protected, especially in tough economic times. We respect the human dignity and equal rights of

every individual, regardless of inherent characteristics, religion, economic/social status, or any

other quality that may define a person’s identity.

2) Oregon Democrats: Our Responsibilities and Rights as Educated Citizens

As participants in the civic affairs of our communities, we value universal access to sound,

effective public education. The quality of our schooling profoundly affects our economic wellbeing,

civic responsibility, and personal lives. We reaffirm the right of everyone to pursue

appropriate academic and career education from pre-kindergarten through post-secondary

studies. We support accommodation of the needs of the diverse populations served by our public

education system. We endorse the evaluation of students, instructors, and administrators,

employing locally developed criteria and broad-based assessment methods, focusing on the

recognition of excellence and the encouragement of improvement. We value the professionalism

and dedication of our public educators in instruction, administration, and governance. We insist

that an effective educational system must have sufficient, stable, dedicated and sustainable, public

funding. We require that the oversight of public education standards, assessments, and funding be

conducted by and accountable to appropriate public agencies.

3) Oregon Democrats: Our Responsibilities and Rights as Members of a Community in

Response to Revenue Policy

We recognize the benefits we have received through our local, state and national communities.

We embrace our shared responsibility to meet the current needs of Oregonians while we look

ahead to invest in infrastructure that will benefit future generations. We affirm the social contract

that binds us to other members of our communities, and every Oregonian to contribute for the

good of all. As rural, urban and suburban Oregonians, we recognize our common interests and

shared responsibilities as well as our differences. We believe that all Oregonians demand that

government function with fiscal restraint and not burden future generations with debts created

by reckless budgetary policies and practices. We believe that government actions should not

perpetuate stark divisions between a privileged few and the majority of Oregonians.

4) Oregon Democrats: Our Responsibilities and Rights as Workers and Business People

We work in many trades, occupations and professions, on farms, ranches, fisheries, and in towns

and cities across Oregon. We create our country's wealth through our effort, knowledge and skill.

We believe that all workers who contribute to our prosperity deserve a fair share of the American

Dream. We believe all Oregon workers should be able to look forward to a secure retirement. We

affirm the right of all workers to organize for collective bargaining purposes. We support the

entrepreneurial spirit of small businesses, which provide the majority of job growth in a thriving

economy. We believe that our economy should empower local jobs and businesses, embracing

long-term sustainability over short-term profits. We believe that corporations must function as

responsibly regulated, ethical members of the community that contribute their fair share to

Oregon’s economic prosperity.

5) Oregon Democrats: Our Responsibilities and Rights as Active Citizens

We are committed to open and responsive government and to the ongoing task of sustaining and

evolving our democracy. We are guided by our country’s founding principles and genius. We are

committed to extending and deepening our freedoms, rights, including the right to peaceable

assembly, and equality. We affirm the critical value of religious freedom, and support the

separation of church and state. We hold our constitutional system and the right of all eligible

citizens to vote as essential foundations of our democratic republic. We believe political parties

must decide whom to nominate as their candidates. Elections must be transparent, fair, verifiable,

and auditable. We oppose the unregulated corrupting influence of corporate money on our

political processes and public discourse and we affirm that corporations are not persons. We

oppose tyranny anywhere. We honor our nation's diversity, and defend every individual's right to

privacy and self-determination.

6) Oregon Democrats: Our Responsibilities and Rights as Global Citizens

As Oregonians, our responsibilities extend beyond our borders to encompass the entire planet.

Our national self-interest requires that we affirm the principle of global cooperation. We must

work together to ensure the survival and well-being of humanity and the global commons:

climate, air, water, land, and the life therein. Our country’s security and our world’s livability

require rapid increases in energy conservation, renewable energy production, and energyefficient

transportation. We must participate in the creation and enforcement of world climate

protocols. We must work with other nations to stop nuclear proliferation; and reduce and secure

all nuclear weapons. We must fulfill all ratified treaties under international law and strengthen

the United Nations. We affirm fair trade principles to ensure high global standards for labor and

environmental protection. We must hold Corporations accountable under the law. We first must

use diplomacy to resolve conflicts and promote peace.